How To Survive An All-Inclusive Resort: 5 Tips For Staying Energized & Refreshed!

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5 Tips For Staying Energized and Refreshed At An All-Inclusive Resort…

I don’t know about you, but when I think of an all-inclusive vacation, the first things that come to mind are food, drinks, more food, more drinks, lots of sugar, lots of people, trying to “keep up” with the group I’m with, a few hangovers and lounging seaside soaking up as much sun as I can in a short period of time.

Depending on your perspective, this either sounds like a recipe for a guaranteed good time, or it sounds like a recipe for disaster.

My perspective? I’m sitting in my hotel room at a 5 Star all-inclusive resort right now and I’m writing this blog post as a reminder of how I can steer clear from the “disaster” zone and enjoy the playa and sun.

Here are my 5 quick tips for living it up, while staying refreshed and balanced at an all-inclusive resort…

Tip #1: Always Go With The “Build-Your-Own” Options

Anytime you have the option to build your own meal and choose the ingredients, DO IT! This gives you the freedom to choose exactly what you’ll eat. You can avoid foods that weigh you down or don’t agree with you. Be mindful of how you feel after you eat certain foods and opt for the “feel good” foods that will keep you energized.

I love omelette stations and I always build my own breakie anytime I have the opportunity.

The resort I’m staying at right now has an awesome Ceviche Bar! I get to make my own citrus-seafood concoction and the ceviche master shakes up the ingredients in a sleek stainless steel martini shaker.

I also tried the taco station last night. Again, I got to choose the type of tortilla (corn vs. flour), the type of meat I wanted (then they cooked it for me on the spot), and all of the toppings that were tempting my taste buds.


Tip #2: Say No To Sugar

Sugary drinks are a staple at all-inclusive resorts. They’re also a likely culprit of hangovers (ok, ok – I know the amount I drink has something to do with this too) and feeling bloated on the beach.

When you’re ordering drinks, ask for no sugar or opt for the “skinny” version. I enjoy the taste of the sugar-free drinks more while I’m drinking them… and I feel WAY better after 😉


Tip #3: Get On-Board The Activity Train

All-inclusive resorts offer a TON of activities for their guests. I’m typically not a huge fan of organized activities, but the times I have taken advantage of the resort activities, I’ve had a lot of fun.

Look at the weekly schedule and set aside time to learn a new style of dance like Salsa, take local language lessons, or hit up the tennis courts and water sports. It’s a great way to meet new people, get your body moving and have a mini-adventure at the resort!


Tip #4: Adventure Off The Resort

Tap into your adventurous side and get off the beaten track.

All-inclusive resorts are typically found in lush, tropical countries that are waiting to be explored and conquered by you! Check out the top to-do’s on Trip Advisor or other travel sites and dedicate at least one day to exploring the country you’re in.


Tip #5: Indulge In A Spa Service

Ok, now this might be one of my favorite tips. If your budget permits, I highly recommend indulging in a spa service when you’re at a resort. Aside from the fact that I love to relax and be pampered from time to time, I’ve found that spas in exotic countries tend to incorporate local rituals and ingredients into the services.

When I was at the Grand Wailea in Maui, their hydrotherapy baths used minerals that were unique to each Hawaiin Island. They shared great info on local ingredients and traditions and it added a special touch to the service.

A couple of days ago, I had an amazing massage at the resort I’m staying at in Mexico. They started the service with a local ritual where they shared a blessing for abundance, health and happiness. It was an unexpected way to start a massage and it set the tone for an amazing experience.

How do you find adventure and freedom no matter where you travel?

Do you like to get off the beaten path and find unique boutique hotels and experiences like we do?

Share your comments and travel tips in the section below.

Until next time!


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