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Still stuck on what to get the Freedom Hacker on your list? Check our our top picks below for things every traveller will love to find under the tree.

1. Jewellery portfolio

These are amazing for taking your trinkets on the go. Not just for jewellery you can also use them to organise any small loose items (like your charges and cords for all your electronics)
We love this one from Pottery Barn.

2. Skyroam Solis

This mobile hotspot is the ultimate travel companion and perfect for the travellers that love to take their biz on-the-go. for just $9 a day they can get 24/7 access to 4G LTE connectivity in 110 countries. Plus, it doubles as a battery bank (6000 mAh) to charge your gadgets.
Find it here!


3. Portable charger

Let’s be honest, everyone needs one. You could just buy this for everyone on your list and sleep well knowing that your gift will be used and loved. For Freedom Hackers we think the bigger, the better. Try to find one that’s 10000 mAh or above, that will ensure they can charge their phone more than twice, a necessity for long layovers.
we love this one.

4. Portable aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to calm the mind, focus, and improve health. What better side-kick to have while travelling than a portable aromatherapy diffuser? We love these Vape style diffusers from Kinin but you could also go the traditional route of essential oils. There’s nothing like Lavender or Peppermint for those long flights with stale air.

5. Poncho/Blanket

What’s your best plane outfit? Something comfy that magically turns into sleep wear, of course! Why not get your favourite traveller an ultra versatile poncho/ blanket scarf? These Aritzia ones are a classic and come in a variety of different colours so you can be sure to get one that matches her style.

6. Travel purse

Big dreams but small purse? No longer with these jaw-dropping travel bags from Knomo. With a max capacity of 11.7L and room for a laptop, shoes, binders, magazines, a water bottle, sweater, lunchbox + MORE, they’ll be able to fit all their stuff, and still have room left over… for all the souvenirs they’re going to bring you back 😉

7. One Plus cell phone

Tired of switching out your sim? The OnePlus has slots for two SIM cards, putting an end to switching (and inevitably losing them) once and for all. This is an amazing innovation for your friends who spend a lot of time between two countries. It’s also more powerful (and cheaper!) than an iPhone.

8. Air plane kit

Need stocking stuffer ideas? Why not include everything they’ll need on an air plane? Here’s what we love to have on board with us: sleep mask, ear plugs, essential oil, face mist, vitamin packs, setting powder, cozy socks, wet wipes, travel containers, mini makeup. You could also include a travel bag to keep it all in, we love this one that has a tonne of great travel-friendly features.

9. Polaroid camera

There’s something about Polaroids that make memories extra special. Be sure to take one together so she can carry it with her on her travels! We love this blue one but they come in all kinds of colours so make sure you get their favourite!

10. Personalised luggage tag

Every bag looks the same and everyone ties red ribbons to their handles… Help her out by getting her a personalised luggage tag! Not only is this a thoughtful and amazing gift, but this is also an amazing opportunity to support small business and get something locally, or shop on Etsy (you can use the local function to search in your area, to be sure you get it in time for Christmas) The one pictured is from this shop.

11. Audible subscription

Audio books are nothing short of transformational. they will Change. Your. Life.
Give the gift of continuous learning and save them from boredom during every flight, layover, and train ride they take. Buy a 1,3,6, or 12 months subscription here!

We know they’ll LOVE these gifts almost as much as you’ll love giving them. Merry Christmas!

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