Scream Your Face Off As You Rocket Down The Side of Nicaragua’s Most Active Volcano

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To what extremes can your Bucket List take you? Allow us to show you…

How about heading on down to Nicaragua from some extreme volcano boarding? No, it’s not what you’re thinking…


Definitely not that. THIS is what volcano boarding looks like (and it’s hella awesome):

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Reaching almost 80km/h speeding down a volcano in #gopro @gopro @natgeotravel #volcanoboarding #ididntdie

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It started back in 2002 when French sportsman, Eric Barone, attempted a record-breaking bicycle ride down the smooth, ashy slopes of Cerro Negro Volcano in Nicaragua and failed epically. Yet, it wasn’t all for naught. This risky maneuver inspired Darryn Webb to try something a little different… and in 2005, volcano boarding was born. Now, it’s being added to Bucket Lists by adrenaline junkies around the world.

Quetzaltrekkers can help you cross this daring adventure off your list. All it takes is about an hour to hike up the volcano and around $30 USD. Profits go to several charities and community projects for the children of Leon, Nicaragua.

Volcano boarding can be quite risky since Cerro Negro is still active and holds the title of Nicaragua’s “most active volcano”. Not to mention, volcanic ash and rock are not as forgiving as snow or sand, so make sure you are geared up and you listen to the safety reminders before strapping onto a board and flinging yourself 60mph down a mountain, mk?

Who wants to try this? Let us know and comment below

~ The Freedom Team

Featured image by: Louise Lakier Photography

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