Join The Mile-High Club This Valentines Day With A Private Ride On The “Love Cloud”

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This Las Vegas-based business gives “being on Cloud 9” a whole new meaning…

If “join the mile-high club” is on your Bucket List… we may have just found the perfect way for you to cross it off. Grab your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or your favorite f*@& buddy and head on down to Sin City to hop aboard the Love Cloud, an exclusive and professional aircraft sightseeing concierge service committed to making your 5,000-foot fantasies come true.

The Love Cloud aircraft, the “Golden Eagle,” which was once a 6-seater Cessna 421, is now a customized 4-seat “romantic magic carpet”. Yowza. Boasting a “Liberator Heart Wedge and Decor Whirl bolster” (WTF?), JBL Pulse wireless sound/light system (sounds exciting), and a custom made foam mattress covered in what I can only describe as red velvet (ooooh la la).

The aircraft has a bathroom (you know, for post-coital cleanup) and a discreet “locked curtain door” the separates the cabin from the cockpit (pun intended). Apparently the pilot also wears a noise-cancelling headset so you can let er’ rip.

Oh and the Love Cloud definitely has it’s priorities straight. Onboard you’ll find condoms and lube in case you forgot yours. But seat belts? Meh.

Feast your eyes on this…




Packages range from Bronze (30 mins for $799) to Platinum (90 mins for $1399). So I suppose the package you pick all depends on your stamina. They should really reverse those prices to reward you for a job well-done. Just my 2 cents.

Oh and for an additional $299 (I love a good upsell) you can get a limo pickup at your hotel, a dozen roses, box of chocolates and a bottle of champagne! Don’t be cheap, get the upsell 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovers out there!

The Freedom Team

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